Paleo Grubs Cookbook ReviewI’ve been a fan of Paleo ever since it became a mainstream hit a few years back. The science is undeniable, as are the testimonials of the thousands of people who’ve reported incredible weight loss and improvements in chronic health conditions. Perhaps the best known Paleo advocate is Mark Sisson from, which has since garnered a huge, cult-like following – including me!

This year will be my third as an active Paleo disciple, but as much as I love the diet and what it has to offer, I’m occasionally stuck for ideas. As you probably already know, Paleo doesn’t permit foods which contains grains or dairy. Naturally, this reduces your choices and can sometimes make meal times difficult and stressful. Finding a way to overcome this dilemma is what ultimately what led me to Paleo Grubs.

Paleo Grubs has since established itself as the web’s best selling Paleo cookbook, so it was a natural place to start. Good reviews of the book also helped sway me into making a purchase. One factor that surprised me was the fact that the book isn’t available as a hard-copy. I’m pretty well entrenched in buying and using traditional cookbooks, but this was a nice change as I now get to use my iPad in the kitchen. I just prop it up and go.

The recipes themselves are brilliant. I’ve probably made around 1/3 of the 470+ recipes in the book and each of them have been great. My favorites so far are the Jalapeno lime chicken wings and the pulled-pork taco’s with mango salsa. However, I think the true strength of the Paleo Grubs book is the accompanying 10 week meal plan.

As much as I love Paleo, I sometimes struggle with the organizational aspect of it all. Being successful with Paleo often means knowing what you’re going to make in advance and setting aside enough time for food-prep. The 10 week meal plan essentially does all this for you and gives you 70 days-worth of pre-planned paleo breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, so all you have to do is follow along!

I haven’t even mentioned the dessert side of things, yet. There’s a whole recipe book dedicated to them, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you! The current price of Paleo Grubs is $37 and when you think about what you get, it should serve as no barrier to go and get started. I hope you find Paleo Grubs as useful as I did and found this review a helpful stepping-stone.

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