Shapeshifter Yoga ReviewHaving never previously tried yoga, I thought it was all about ‘breathing in…and out’ and reciting ‘Ohmmm’ while holding silly poses. Boy, was I wrong! Sure, it has some of that but Kris Fondran’s Shapeshifter yoga program also offers a fun, unique and effective way to burn fat, boost energy, reduce stress and prolong longevity, all-in-one. Below you’ll find my full review of the program, including pro’s, con’s, considerations and final verdict.

What is it & who’s it for?

OK, let’s start with the basics. Shapeshifter yoga is a digital (downloadable) body-weight training program designed to help people lose fat/tone up (think tummy, thighs, butt and jiggly arms), increase flexibility, de-stress, boost energy levels and build lean muscle and strength. While the program is suitable for just about anyone looking to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing, it may be particularity beneficial to those who can’t (or are fed-up with) ‘traditional’ exercises which cause aches and pains. As yoga is such a versatile and well-rounded activity, it is equally well-suited to those looking to unwind (i.e. busy mom’s, working women) or add something fresh to their existing exercise routines as it is for people looking to healthier, happier life.

Pro’s of Shapeshifter Yoga

Kris Fondran, creator of Shapeshifter yogaKRIS FONDRAN: One thing I always look for in a program is a qualified, experienced expert and creator Kris Fondran has all the right stuff. In addition to teaching yoga for 12 years, she holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and has been featured in major publications including Shape, Cosmopolitan, Fitness and Yoga Journal, so you can relax and feel safe knowing you’re in good hands.

COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM: One thing Shapeshifter doesn’t do is skimp on information, you get six separate components with all you could ever need – a quick-start manual, yoga pose video library, program video, everyday follow-along video, yoga pose manual and 2 two Shapeshifter Yoga wall charts. There’s also some neat bonus audio material. I particularly liked that the program included a mix of videos and e-book’s as it really made learning the moves easier and allowed me to watch/read and do my workouts whenever, wherever by using my iPad.

Here’s a snap-shot of the members area dashboard with a welcome video from Kris. Along the top area the 5 tabs used to navigate and access the videos and e-book manuals.

Shapeshifter yoga members area
Click to enlarge
Shapeshifter yoga members area
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CLEAR, CONCISE & CUSTOMIZED: The manuals are well-written and easy to understand and the videos are clear and well-shot. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner as moves can be easily customized to suit your experience and fitness level. There’s also a support area and contact number you can call if you need additional help, which is a nice touch.

SCIENCE-BASED RESULTS: Best of all, the program isn’t based on some wishy-washy science. I was really blown away to learn how yoga can be more effective at burning fat compared to jogging, minus the sore joints. This really helped me enjoy my workouts as I felt I was getting the best of both worlds. I also found it to help with digestive troubles and getting a better nights sleep. FYI, I lost a further 3 inches off my waist over 8 weeks :)

GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY: Yoga classes can be expensive. I’ve also seen other yoga programs go for a lot more than what Kris charges. I was genuinely impressed with Shapeshifter yoga and think for what you get, the price is an absolute steal.

60 DAYS RISK-FREE: Shapeshifter yoga also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This goes a long way in boosting buyer confidence and is particularly good if you’re on-the-fence about purchasing or unsure if the program is right for you.

Considerations & Recommendations

Stopping short of saying stuff that I didn’t like about the program (there really wasn’t anything I disliked), I think it’s important to say what the program is not. It is not for people looking for an easy quick-fix. Shapeshifter yoga isn’t some gimmick, it’s a real program which takes time and discipline. However, if you commit yourself to the program and put in the work, you can achieve fantastic life-long results.

TIME TO TAKE ACTION! If you’re ready to lose weight, reduce stress, boost your energy levels and improve your health, simply click the banner below to get started with Kris Fondran’s Shapeshifter Yoga.

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